Best Location!

Unlock a world-class education in the heart of Addis Ababa! Andinet International School, conveniently located in Gurd Shola, places your child right next to the Athletics Federation office. Imagine the daily inspiration – a constant reminder of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. At Andinet, we believe the Gurd Shola environment fosters a spirit of achievement that perfectly complements our focus on academic excellence and well-rounded development. Give your child the advantage – enroll them at Andinet International School today!

Best Compound!

At Andinet International School, we understand the importance of a dynamic learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Our spacious Gurd Shola campus provides ample room for students to explore, play, and grow. Imagine vast playgrounds bathed in sunshine, expansive fields perfect for energetic games, and a sense of freedom that fosters creativity and exploration. This is the Andinet difference – a place where your child can learn, thrive, and discover their full potential within the embrace of a wide-open world.

Co-Curricular Activities!

Unleashing Hidden Talents: A World of Possibilities at Andinet Andinet International School's vibrant co-curricular program goes beyond academics, offering a world of possibilities for your child to explore. Imagine a diverse range of clubs – from Model UN and environmental initiatives to robotics and creative arts. Through participation, students can discover hidden talents, develop new passions, and build strong social connections. Our co-curricular activities are designed to ignite curiosity, foster teamwork, and nurture the well-rounded individual. At Andinet, we believe in unlocking every child's potential, and our co-curricular program is the key to unleashing their unique brilliance.

Service Learning!

Empowering Changemakers: The Andinet Service-Learning Program At Andinet International School, we believe education fosters not just academic prowess, but also social responsibility. Our unique service-learning program allows students to actively contribute to the betterment of society. Imagine classrooms where students don't just learn about social issues, but actively engage in projects that make a real difference. Through this program, students develop empathy, hone leadership skills, and become responsible citizens who are invested in creating a positive future. At Andinet, we're not just educating students, we're nurturing the next generation of model leaders who will contribute meaningfully to their communities and the world.


At Andinet International School, learning goes beyond textbooks! We embrace technology as a powerful tool, seamlessly integrating it into our curriculum to create a stimulating and convenient learning experience. Imagine interactive lessons that come alive on tablets, engaging online resources accessible at your fingertips, and a world of knowledge readily available for exploration. Our tech-forward approach fosters a love of learning that transcends the classroom, empowering students to become self-directed learners and preparing them for a future driven by innovation. Andinet offers not just an education, but a convenient and powerful springboard for your child's lifelong success.

Best Staff

Guided by the Best: Cultivating Excellence at Andinet At Andinet International School, your child's education is entrusted to a team of exceptional educators. Our faculty is comprised of highly experienced staff, each dedicated to fostering a love of learning and nurturing young minds. But our commitment goes beyond experience. Andinet boasts dedicated curriculum experts who meticulously craft engaging and comprehensive programs. These experts, alongside our visionary principal, work tirelessly to ensure our curriculum is at the forefront of educational innovation. Imagine a school where every teacher is a passionate guide, every curriculum expert a champion of knowledge, and the principal a leader who inspires excellence. That's the Andinet advantage – a supportive and dedicated team committed to empowering your child's success.